You can stop worrying about your ideal client

September 1, 2020

Before we tackle any other significant issues about running a business in general, I want to start with this particular one: Stop worrying about figuring your ideal client.

Looking back, I firmly maintain that believing that we need to first find our ideal client held us back or at least made us confused about what could have been a more evident journey from the get-go.

When you start looking to define your ideal client and subsequently creating content to please them, you miss out on an essential part of running a successful business. Remember you’re in business for a reason. Your ‘why‘ is what breathes life into the things you create or the services you offer. That ‘why’ has to be honoured, honed, understood and allowed space before you should worry about who is going to
interact with it.

For as long as we can remember finding out who your ideal client was, has been talked, taught and touted as the golden elixir to launching and running a successful business. Still, it never sat well with us as two artists trying to navigate the business realm. We felt that something was unsettling about boxing people into groups and depending on their core traits to promote and sell our art, our product, our service. ✨ So we dug in, did some reading and a little soul searching to find out why this was. Turns out, when you are new in a field, you spend so much time trying to follow the tried and true path that you tend to forget your greatest asset. Those big twinkling eyes that see nothing but promise, opportunity and ways to do things outside the box.
(More on how to cultivate this mindset someday soon)
And sure enough. After attending various online classes, buying guides and discussing this in meetings involving scrapbooks and lots of scribbling, we realised this common way of aiming a business was all upside down – at least for us creatives.

The authentic way of promoting what we do and building a scalable, thriving business comes from defining the ideal solution.

Why you started your business is the solution you have to offer the world. 

You want to give people photos that will turn the mundane into moments they should celebrate. You want to offer recipes that will make people fall in love with their body and promote self-love. You want to create an exercise regiment for people that find a lack of time is their most go-to excuse. 

Inner work is crucial and must come first, before the outer work. 🤘🏽♥️🙌🏻

Why do you want to do what you want to do? To not just take photos, to not just churn out recipes, to not just show people how to exercise. There is more to it, isn’t there? Knowing what that is is the first step.

Once you have defined your ‘why’ it’s time to hone it.
Time to make it undeniably attractive by sprinkling additional services on top that will make it stand out from the crowd and then, people will start paying attention! 

You can now call this group of humans you serve your ideal clients. But crucially, what makes them ‘ideal’ is that you know how to serve them better than anyone else can. Because you have done the inner work of understanding who you are, what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses and this new audience gets that and are loving what you do!

An understanding of how we can best serve our audience should come long before we look to find a de facto audience we can serve. 

By following this little mantra, we have built a thriving adventure community for @tintedphotography. We have been able to build our own distinct brand in an otherwise saturated and messy market. And, not only were we able to more than double our earnings the season after we discovered what we were doing wrong, but it solidified our brand—a great substitute for expensive marketing. ✨

Talking about how to achieve this is how we begin all of our brand elevation sessions and workshops. It makes us smile wider than the Cheshire Cat 😁😌 when we see the penny drop for our fellow creatives. 🤗

This is the first in the series of blogs on this topic. But to make sure you get great value from these posts we would love to pen future blogs as a response to your questions, comments, doubts and feedback so we can write something tailored to serve you and your business. So please leave a comment below. We can’t wait to dispel more myths and support you on your journey.

PLUS each time, we will choose one of you for a free 30-minute Rapid Fire sesh with us where you can ask your questions and get a tailored answer just for you!

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Thanks guys for CONTINUOUSLY sharing these nuggeTs of gold! We too were stuck on that whole ideal client trend and finding Out now that that was not what we wanted! It wasn’t ohr why!

It is so hard to break that cycle when everything around us feeds that frenzy. But there is always a way out. Hope this blog helped you and if you have some pointed questions we can answer – just let us know and we will write more blogs and answer them. Big hugs to you both xox

This advice is so helpful! I was looking at my Insta just last week thinking that it no longer looks like me. I definitely think I got caught up in the ideal client advice and left behind what I fell in love wiTh when I first started. Thank yall so much for this reminder!

Heya Neil, we just saw your comment! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. It is so important as artists to keep an eye on what brings joy to our work to better serve our people. Big hugs and oo get in touch if you would like free 30-minute Rapid Fire sesh with us via the contact page.