Why Tailwind for Pinterest is an essential tool

February 1, 2021

Over the last few weeks, we have discussed using Pinterest
and why it should have a place in your social media marketing strategy.
If you missed it, our last blog on ‘Why Pinterest’ is here.

For Tinted Photography, we had neglected Pinterest for a long time. As we learned more about it, we understood that this social media platform was essential.
If you’re running a business like us, we know how it feels to be drawn out thin. You’re already doing too many things in your day! So to make sure that we could happily add Pinterest to the ever-growing list of social media channels that we manage and still have time to breathe we decided to give Tailwind a whirl. This blog post details how Tailwind helped us grow our Pinterest and made the process so darn easy. So here is why Tailwind for Pinterest is an essential tool!

Tailwind is an incredible app. It’s designed to help you plan and schedule your pins, but oh, how it is so much more than that! Tailwind is your guide to understanding Pinterest. It is the assistant you wish you always had. Helping you to keep on keeping on with your Pinterest goals. It’s powerful analytics help you plan your strategy on the go, and with their latest feature, it is now your very own inhouse graphic designer for all your pins. How cool is that!? The best bit is that the team at Tailwind really listen to what their community is saying and are always implementing new amazing features to make your life better. Plus they are easy to contact and chat with should you ever require support.

We’ve known for ages that the secret to Pinterest is scheduling, posting and maintaining a constant presence on the platform, but as busy, on the road entrepreneurs we never could get it off the ground – enter Tailwind. 

But we might be getting ahead of ourselves a little here. There are a few things you’re going to want to know before you dive in. Have read of the six steps below to make sure you’ve got the basics sorted first. 

  1. Verify your website with your Pinterest account. Sign up and upgrade to a business account for free.
  2. Aim to have at least eight relevant boards with at least ten pins in each before you start out with Tailwind. 
  3. Vertical images do well, so keep that in mind when creating Pinterest content. You want your content to be beautiful and useful to your audience! Don’t just pin for the sake of pinning it won’t work.
  4. Optimise your Pinterest Profile (Sorry folks this needs a longer blog post and we are working on that for you)
  5. If applicable, learn about Rich Pins. Here is an excellent resource by Pinterest. 
  6. Improve your website’s SEO: Tailwind can automatically use images that are already on your website. So before you jump into Pinterest and Tailwind, please remember that the basics have to be in place and improved to get the full effect of using Pinterest and then using Tailwind to get more views to your website. 

Here is what Tailwind does for us, and can do for you

Remember these are the features we used, there is plenty more Tailwind can do that we haven’t yet looked into.

  • Tailwind Schedules our pins for us.
  • Figures out the best time and posts pins at a time our audience is most engaged.
  • Automatically re-schedules top-performing pins by creating Smart Loops
  • Tailwind Create streamlines our design process by dropping images from our blog into a large selection of templates and everything from layout to typeface is customisable!
  • Tailwind helps drastically increase our impressions (views) by maintaining a constant presence on Pinterest
  • With its detailed analytics, we are able to measure our results better
  • Its always pointing more traffic to our website!

So it does all of that, but we should point out that unlike some apps Tailwind is an official third-party approved partner with Pinterest and only costs $9.99/month for unlimited pinning! Unless you operate a considerable blog or have multiple team members, you won’t need to venture beyond the Tailwind Plus plan.

Try Tailwind for your self with their free trail.

Using Tailwind, we increased our monthly views from 1.7K to 116.9K
in just one month
! It has been an exciting journey,
and this is what we have learned:

  1. Batch scheduling: It is an absolute friend. Yes, Tailwind schedules time slots based on when your audience is most active. However, to get the most out of this service – we suggest batch scheduling your pins. Every 14 days, I spend 30 minutes maximum, batch scheduling pins on Tailwind. It is that easy!
  2. Track your success with analytics: Analytics can sometimes be too hard, too vague or too messy to make any sense of, but don’t underestimate their power to grow your social media. Tailwind provides useful and easy to understand analytics that can better your strategy. 
  3. Pin to multiple boards: This is another quick way to ramp things up.
  4. Remember it is a social media: Connecting with fellow pinners, saving their work if it strikes a chord and commenting does go a long way. There is defiantly value in actually hopping on Pinterest sometimes to Pin, comment, and follow people.

So how do you start using Tailwind?

Sign up

If you’d like to, you can try Tailwind today – you’ll get your first 100 pins for free. That’s one of the many lovely things about Tailwind. After the end of your trial, you can evaluate your options, but we are sure you will fall in love with the results if you put in the time, in the beginning, to set it up properly. We would recommend blocking out two hours to go over and set your TailWind account, follow the tutorials to learn all the features.

Now set up your Smart Schedule. 

Your pinning schedule is what Tailwind calls your ‘smart schedule’. All you have to do is tell Tailwind how often you would like to pin and it will create a personalised timetable that works for your audience and give your pins more exposure.

To create your smart schedule, go to PUBLISHER -> YOUR SCHEDULE and then RECREATE SCHEDULE. We chose three pins a day to manage our workload, get our content out, and not be too spammy. 

Brower Extention

Installing the browser extention will make planning and scheduling your content super easy. This extention allows you to pin your images from your website or anywhere on the internet with a single click. 

To install the Tailwind browser extension on Chrome, go to the Tailwind Chrome Extension and at the top of the page, click Install Extention.

So there you have it! This is everything we have learned about Tailwind in our first month. Of course, we will keep right on using it and will share with you as our Pinterest grows, any issues we face and the solutions we find.

Tailwind has given us a newfound understanding of Pinterest for businesses and has been key to our consistency which is of course essential when growing your following and your exposure. It provides us with in-depth analytics on all of our pins, board insights and overall profile performance. For us, we see Tailwind fast becoming a necessity for fast and consistent growth for your Pinterest page.

Now go and give Tailwind a whirl – we would love to hear how it goes for you!

And here is our Pinterest to inspire you and
so we can take you on this journey.