Why Pinterest is an awesome place for small business

December 23, 2020

“I am swamped already; there is so much to do – I don’t want to add Pinterest to my list of things to do.” This, is the excuse I had used for years now. But when everyone around me started talking about Pinterest – I started feeling guilty. Like I was not giving my business something that I must. 

So for me to add Pinterest to the list of things I must do – I had to dig into the WHY of Pinterest. Why must I have it, how will it benefit our business in the long run and give me the ROI on time spent.

In this blog, we are sharing with you all that we found that convinced us to start taking Pinterest seriously and invest our time wisely on this platform. Essentially – Why Pinterest is an awesome place for small business:

  1. Large and active base: Pinterest has more than 320 million monthly active users. This is nothing to sneeze at. Here you have a platform where many active users go through ideas and pin them into personal boards to action the ones that fit their goals. This is amazing, your content not only has the potential of being seen by a large number of people but your content has the potential to be saved and then revisited. 
  2. Serves the bottom line: We cannot stress this enough. The Pinterest audience is very different from the audience on other social media platforms. You are on Pinterest to find solutions, answers and inspiration. You are actively engaged and willing to follow the sources to get what you are looking for. This means the Pinterest audience also spends money on finding what they want to further their ideas. Therefore you are not only getting clicks to your website (inbound traffic), Pinterest can be helping your bottom line too. 
  3. Not driven by follower count: Your art, your product, your work speaks for itself on Pinterest. Hear this: Out of the 2 billion searches that happen on Pinterest monthly, a whole 97% are unbranded, which means that users do not look for specific brands, but are rather open for suggestions and new product (or service) recommendations. This means less anxiety, less active competition and sharing more of what you love. 

We are sold. Now it is time to figure out how to do Pinterest right to get the best results. For that, we are planning to work with Tailwind to make pinning an effortless part of our social media.

Stay tuned to find out what we learn and how it all goes out for us in January. 

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